It’s that time again…time to clean up after a long winter. While you’re busy dusting, sorting, and shining, don’t forget about your carpets. Carpets are notorious for hiding all sorts of unwanted visitors. Your carpet is likely full of pollen, dead skin, dust and bacteria! Every step you take during the day leaves trace elements that you bring back and add to your carpet. According to a 2015 article on, your carpet may be as much as 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat! And every time you walk or play on it, it just gets worse!

Carpets are easy to overlook! We vacuum and get the obvious dirt up and we feel good about it. Maybe we even break out our steam cleaner to try to get a little deeper clean. But the reality is, occasionally you’ll need to have a professional clean your carpets to ensure they get as clean as possible. Compare cleaning your carpet to cleaning your teeth. We brush everyday…sometimes multiple times per day to get the obvious stuff off. We can compare that do the vacuuming of your carpet! We may even floss if we’re being smart! (sounds like the steam cleaner) But, a couple of times a year, without fail, we need to see the hygienist to get that deep clean that we just can’t do ourselves. There are certain things that professionals do better than we can. They have better equipment, more experience, etc.

With this in mind, what are your plans for spring cleaning? Find a locally owned carpet cleaning professional and they can make quick work of those unwanted friends (bacteria, dead skin, etc.). Unfortunately, a simple vacuuming will not be enough to take care of those deep-rooted contaminants. It will take focused effort that most pros can provide. Make carpet cleaning part of your regular spring cleaning routine and your home will be cleaner and its inhabitants will be healthier!