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About Us

Hulk Industries was family founded in 2013, and is now operated by Bryan and his wife, Shanell.  Bryan and Shanell are young, ambitious individuals whose passions for business and adventure led them to open a business in the beautiful Sierra Nevadas.  It’s their love for the great outdoors that drove their eco-friendly mindset.

Bryan and Shanell have worked hard creating a company with a focus in responsible green practices and educating their customers on ways we can reduce the unnecessary amount of carpet waste brought to our landfills each year.  They pride their company on customer service and professionalism and look forward to working with you and your home flooring maintenance.

We Are a Green Company

Hulk Industries was founded on one very simple principle. Responsibility. A big one. To both our clients, and to this beautiful environment that we live in. A responsibility to our clients to consistently provide the best results and experience possible so they know when it’s done by Hulk, it’s a job done the right way and with the best eco-friendly products possible for their home and families. A responsibility to the environment to not only use the safest products and practices, but also to encourage our customers to do so as well, which drives our mentality of proactive, not reactive. Preventative, not restorative. With the simple concept of using the best products money can buy, premium equipment, systems, and practices along with highly trained and happy employees, we found that, we can not only achieve our goal, but it is also repeatable. Providing you with a consistent and quality experience time and time again.